in the Tatra Mountains


traditional sleigh


regional food


music and singing


competitions and games is a time machine ...
Get inside, and you will discover what winter really is in the Tatra Mountains, just like in the old days!

We will take you to one of the most beautiful valleys in the Tatra Mountains,
where beautiful mountain horses and traditional sleighs are waiting ...

Do you hear the sound of bells? The sleigh ride has just started ...
A 1-hour magical adventure awaits you!

Relax in beautiful winter landscapes ...

... because it will happen soon!

The sleighs turn and rush towards the mountain stream,
where you can already see the highlander scene and hear the band!

Close to nature, around the fire, and with the best music band in Zakopane,
this is how we will spend the next 2 hours, full of attractions

1 hour
Traditional sleigh ride in the Chocholowska Valley

2 hours
Highlander Feast at the Bonfire with catering

  • music,
  • dance,
  • singing,
  • competitions,
  • attractions
  • Homemade Stew
  • Podhale sausage for smoking on the fire
  • Regional cheese with Cranberry sauce
  • Bread with homemade lard
  • Pickled cucumbers
  • Hot tea with raspberry juice
  • Bread
  • Ketchup, Mustard

You can also buy on site (PLN 10.00):
– Mulled wine with roots
– Highlander Tea
– Regional Beer

  • the best sleigh ride in Zakopane,
  • a real feast with Highlanders instead of an evening in a restaurant,
  • the opportunity to learn about folklore and traditions,
  • beautiful memories for yourself and your loved ones

Tickets for our sleigh ride sell out quickly.

By booking ONLINE, you have guaranteed availability and the lowest price.

Choose the number of people and the date.
Fill in the details and process the payment.
The tickets are already in your e-mail.

Simple, fast, and safe!

What if the sleigh ride will not happen?
You get 100% money back.

Our company has been working on its reputation for nearly 20 years.
We don't make empty promises.

Our sleigh rides always take place. If there is not enough snow for the sleigh, we replace them with horse-drawn carriages. The rest of the program continues unchanged. However, it is worth remembering that the Chocholowska Valley is among the few places where snow lasts the longest.
Our sleigh ride takes place in a traditional 4-person sleigh. If your group consists of 3, 7, or 11 people, it is necessary to buy one free space in the sleigh so that we do not have to separate you. Free places in a sleigh can also be purchased when, for example, couples want to have an exclusive sleigh.
Go to the "Pod Lasem" parking lot in the Chocholowska Valley (on the left). We'll get on the sleigh there. After the party is over, you will walk back to the car (5 minutes walk).
With people who have bought a transfer, we meet 45 minutes before the planned time of the sleigh ride in the center of Zakopane. Information for persons who have purchased transfers by bus: - Meeting 45 minutes before the scheduled sleigh time (14:15 - delay tolerance max. 5 minutes) - Meeting place: ul. Droga na Gubałówkę 2A (lower Krupówki) - bus-depot behind the "Targowica" bus-stop. (Go to the lower Krupówki - we are across. You will come to us over the underground passage). Once the party is over, please do not leave the event place - buses will take you from there.